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Tose Co., Ltd. is a commissioned game software developer, created in 1979 during the early days of software technology growth in Kyoto, a city inspiring both tradition and revolution for centuries.
Since that time, we have been a silent force behind the scenes, providing reliable services as technology evolves rapidly on a daily basis. At the same time, our clients have come to trust Tose and our culture of actively proposing new ideas. Today, we are the largest commissioned game software developer in Japan in terms of both development staff and software titles developed. 

TOSE Philippines, Inc. is 100% owned by TOSE Co., Ltd. It was formed in June 2013 as a development hub primarily for digital contents application and smartphone games for South Eastern Asian (ASEAN) business. TOSE Philippines, Inc. is the first entity in South East Asia under TOSE business group.
TOSE Co., Ltd has been a silent force behind the scenes during the course of the company history, however TOSE Philippines Inc. intends to develop and distribute the contents across South East Asia together with the partners in each country. 


TOSE Philippines declares it it's mission to contribute to society by providing quality digital content applications and smartphone games that satisfies customers and stakeholders.


It is TOSE Philippines' vision to be a leading high quality software developer in South East Asia. 


Game Creation

Whether it's making games from scratch or making games for established franchises, we can turn your ideas into gaming reality.

Digital Contents Development

We have the knowledge and expertise to develop exemplary forms of digital content.


We have the capability and know how to make your games and apps come to life in another platform.


We have the experience and expertise not only to localize but also culturalize existing games for a different market.


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Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634